Bīlmanis Alfrēds

Agrarjautājums latvju tautas dzīvē

1926. GADS.

Alfrēds Bīlmanis /1887 - 1948/

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Latvia as an independent state

Preface. Introductory: Latvian Geographical Names. Geography. Historical Background. State Insignia. Constitution of 1922. Constitutional Reform. State Administration. Judicial System. Administrative Division. Cultural Life. Press. Science and Scientists. Arts. The Church. Education. Public Health. Nutrition. Economic Life. Agrarian Reform. Agriculture. Cooperative Associations. Industries. Commerce. Shipping. Transportation and Communication. Latvia as a Transit Country. Foreign Trade. Finances. Latvia’s Role in the Baltic. Bolshevik Invasion in 1940. Nazi Invasion in 1941. Bolsheviks Reoccupy Latvia. Highlights of Latvian-American Relations. Latvia’s Constitution. Latvia and the U.S.S.R. Comparative Statistics About Production and Consumption. Baltic States and the U.S.S.R. Comparative Statistics. Publications on Latvia in English. Index. Map of Latvia.


Alfrēds Bīlmanis /1887 - 1948/

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